Does the Electoral College Really Makes Sense?

I’ve done some reading – every time I think about the electoral system in the US – and I am familiar with the original thinking. However, at this point I keep encountering people who tell me that their vote doesn’t count because their state always goes Republican or Democrat.

A situation in which tens of millions of people feel their vote doesn’t count, makes no sense. I personally don’t want either candidate to win because they were lucky enough to move one or two swing states. The popular vote has to be the main determinant, otherwise some pigs really are more equal than others.

With millions of people not even casting a ballot because they feel their vote doesn’t count, we are likely to believe that in some states it really is the consensus – that Hillary or Donald are the only choice.

It won’t be long before people feel like the blue states and the red states are two different countries. And you don’t have to be too creative to think about how that becomes a bad thing for the US – resentment by the states who perceive themselves to be more economically important etc.

My sense is that it’s only a matter of time before this system is changed – and we actually will wait for the west coast votes before we declare a winner in the US election.