Setting Goals, again

Goal setting has an almost magic power for me.
In January 2014 we set a rather aggressive goal for 2014 revenues.
We reached the magic number on Dec 30th and went a bit over as we got a number of wires and checks on the last day of the year.

While this goal was in the back of our minds all year it cant be what caused us to bring in precisely that amount of money.
Somehow knowing that we have a number in mind guides us to the activities that help create those numbers.

Five Blocks has a tremendous amount of opportunities – the revenue goal may end up serving more as a way to focus efforts.

Who knows? In any case it works.

One more thing. After I created the goal I opened excel and mapped out exactly how many clients we need to sign up each month and at what price point.
Reality didn’t map exactly to my spreadsheet – we got many clients all at one time and fewer than expected at other points. In the end the numbers added up as we had hoped!

Now to do it again….

Wishing everyone a successful 2015!