When you come late to the party…

Here’s the deal. When you come late to the party – like really late –  you should do one of these:

1) Ride in on a motorcycle

2) Bring some good booze

If you don’t do either of these – or something else that sets you apart or provides enormous value – you’re not going enjoy the party – and you’ll probably go home early and alone.

The same is true with online marketing.

One of the questions I get frequently is how to best promote a new website in an existing field. For example you want  to sell baby clothes online or sign people up for a new credit card – and you are just now ready to launch  your new site.For some perspective make sure you look at all of the competitors and especially how long they have been in the market. (note that you dont even see all

Typically the question is asked by someone who is just now ready to launch, but whose most significant competitors have been in the market for 10-20 YEARS!

So my advice is, if you want anyone to notice you – make a big splash and ideally bring some real value!