Passion! Gardening and Good Shower

Over a year ago a pipe in our garden burst – probably a pipe deep under our patio. With the drought we hadn’t rushed to repair it. Anyway – now our garden is dead. So we called a gardner. But not any gardener. We called the best one in the area – Roni Harari. This is the guy who should have done our original garden – but he was too busy 8 years ago.

Roni is passionate about gardening. He studies gardening. He knows gardening.

I don’t understand the ins and outs – but I get the distinct sense he does.

So our garden is in good hands – he’s bringing the grass back to life – so that he can kill it properly – then he’ll replant it with seed grass to replace the crabgrass we currently have. Roni says it requires a lot less water too!

So what’s with the shower?

Turns out that when they were working on the pipes they found a lot of rocks that had collected at the water mains – right next to the water meter in a filter made for catching rocks. Removing those rocks led to a radical change in our water pressure.

One of the projects we had been putting off was getting the water situation fixed – now the problem is solved and we have so much pressure we can wash dishes and shower at the same time! My wife thinks that one should be clothed to wash dishes – whatever…

Anyway I took a shower today that had so much pressure it was amazing. I may not have to travel on business to get a good shower anymore!

Bottom line: Passion is the key. Roni is passionate – when I hire him to do work for me – I get many of the advantages of his passion without having to invest my life in his passion. Working with passionate people pays!