Kudos to American Airlines – for doing nothing! (really!)

On Wednesday I experienced more flying and airports than I had every expected to, in a single day. It actually took more than 26 hours from takeoff – to final landing. I flew Tel Aviv – Barcelona – Madrid – New York – Los Angeles.

Aside from a very rude flight attendant who refused to allow me to bring my carry-on (the same carry-on that was allowed on 3 subsequent flights on other airlines – the same day!) my travels went fine.

The reason I got to Los Angeles in one piece was especially thanks to American Airlines.
On my final flight I chose a good seat from the electronic check-in kiosk. Back of the plane – empty row in the middle section. I ended up moving to the middle seat so that no one would try to take my staked claim.

American Airlines gets kudos for not even bothering to try to wake me up for landing – I actually slept sprawled across three seats with pillows and blankets – all the way to the gate!

Sometimes the best customer service is to just let the customer be!

( I was so tired I didnt even try out the in-flight wifi for $7.95 – that’s pretty tired…)