Social Media and Reputation Management


I just read a blog post about Reputation Pruning (originally published in May this year).  This is the practice of removing social media comments, picture tags etc. that can reflect negatively on your reputation. The author, Tyler Hayes, presents a point of view which I think is ridiculous.

In Tyler’s view social media is meant to be an extension of who you really are – and so altering any part of it is somehow dishonest.

My response is that people should put themselves in the best light.

  • If you discover that your delicious lunch has left some food stuck between your teeth – take it out. I don’t care¬† if it’s natural to have it there!
  • If you start to grow hair on your ears – shave it off!
  • If the kitchen at work has a terrible picture of you from the company picnic – take it down!

There is no moral obligation to let other people or situations show anything negative about you.