Google knows I am from Five Blocks

I recently gave a presentation to a company in New York who has been a client for several months.
The topic of the presentation was what businesses are doing on Google+ and what then should they consider doing. I use Google+ a bit, but preparing for a presentation to a very educated group of Digital brand Management experts at a leading company in NY requires serious preparation. Incidentally if anyone wants a copy of the presentation contact me via Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, or Google+.

The presentation looked something like this:

In order to explain the importance of Google+ I thought it was worthwhile looking at how important it is to Google.
The short answer is – VERY!

Google can use Google+ to create even better connections. And they want as many connections as possible.
I will write more about this on the Five Blocks blog.

In any case, I just opened my browser and saw another example of Google asking to connect my social media to my Google account.
See below:

Note the grey section in which Google asks me – on the search page if I am @sammichelson on Twitter and if so do I want to connect!