Increasing the Omega 3 in your Steak

A few weeks ago TED, that cool conference where people share ideas (watching all of those lectures is probably as valuable as going to college for a year..) held a Tel Aviv event called TedX Tel Aviv.
In any case, one of the speakers was talking about seaweed as being a key to cleaning carbon gas byproducts from oil refineries. He also talked about how fish are high in Omega 3 because they eat seaweed.

Anyway, the other day i bought a can of sardines to increase my Omega 3’s and while eating it – it wasn’t too tasty, I was thinking…

Why don’t we feed cows seaweed – I figure its more like grass than the corn we feed them now (at least in the US) and if they can get absorb the Omega 3 then the steak we eat should be more healthful. A quick search on Google shows that various people have already suggested adding seaweed to cow diets as a way to lower “gas emissions” from cows, which cause 20% of all greenhouse gasses…

Food for thought?

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