What do Reputation Management and Snorting Nutmeg have in common?

Strange question, perhaps.

It turns out they have a great deal in common!
Over the past couple of days I have been experimenting with Google Correlate , a tool I recently discovered.

Basically, Google Correlate looks at the search volume patterns for any keyword and identifies other keywords whose patterns match.

So in addition to finding useful patterns, Correlate finds patterns that seem utterly meaningless (though perhaps they are statistically significant).

Google Correlate

So it seems the connection between Snorting Nutmeg and Reputation Management is that at both had a huge rise in search volume around the end of 2010, followed by a similar increased interest on an ongoing basis.

Using this tool, we have discovered some interesting patterns related to some of our clients – though there is a lot of chaff to work through!

Meanwhile snorting nutmeg is not recommended, while reputation management is!


My Travels – A MEME (first time for me)

rules: Fill in the following questions

  • My best trip ever…
    2 week Kenya Trip with safaris with Ofi and Daniel (4) and Yonatan (2)
  • My worst trip ever…
    probably a transatlantic flight where they seated me in the very last row – back when the last few rows were smoking!
  • Most important thing I ever lost on a trip…
    nothing comes to mind
  • Most important thing I ever forgot to take on a trip…
    one of the kids?
  • Thing I miss most when I’m away…
    My family
  • Thing I miss least when I’m away…
    babies keeping me up at night
  • Favorite travel partner…
    My wife, Ofi
  • Place I hope to travel to someday…